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How Many Pennies did Otha Save?

Otha Anders used picking up pennies as a way to remember to pray. In this 3act activity we try to estimate how much he actually collected and stored in 5 gallon water jugs. Kick off the activity with the article with vital information grayed out (number of pennies, value and number of jugs). Read the article together as a class. Ask kids how many pennies they think Otha saved over 45 years. The point here is to make a relatively fast prediction, to start thinking about the math they would do… 0, 6

How Many Donuts is That?

…ts. Clicking on this image will show it larger in a new window. Clicking on this picture will show it larger in a new window. Clicking on this image will show it larger in a new window. Clicking on this image will open it larger in a new window. The activity guide: DonutActivityGuide.pdf For members we have teaching tips and solutions: DonutSolution+tips.pdf This activity can address many different CCSS depending on solution method, age level of students, and the conversations you are having in… 0, 7

Free Pizza for a Whole Stadium?

…estimating, and can serve as a great way for students to reason, problem solve and communicate mathematical thinking while practicing division and multiplication with decimals and/or considering area of circles (pizza). The activity: (consider doing act one & starting act two before handing the activity out) Pizza-for-stadium-of-fans.pdf Solutions/Teacher Tips and word docs for members: Pizzas-for-stadium-of-fans.docx Pizza-to-feed-a-stadium-of-fans-solutions&tips.pdf This activity… 0, 8

How much should you spend on this sale?

…e gap with your students and apply the appropriate discount yourself. Find your cost for the items in this pdf. Discounts2014.pdf Note to teachers: In this sale, if you spend $75 you get 30% off, but if you spend $25 more, getting up to $100 you save 30%. If you spend $124 you also get 30% off. Anything $125 or more is 40% off. Create a graph with the value of your purchase on the x -axis (before this discount) and what you actually pay on the y-axis (after discount). How does this graph help… 0, 6

Giant macaroon nutcracker, revisited

…and massive Nutcracker cake of macaroons and fondant to celebrate the event. We have two activities about this amazing creation below. First we have a traditional worksheet dealing with ratio, volume, surface area and ingredient quantities. A second, 3act activity is offered below the first. Activity: MacaroonNutcracker2014.pdf For members we have an editable Word doc and solutions. MacaroonNutcracker2014.doc MacaroonNutcracker2014-solution.pdf Or, as a 3act activity, show the image above… 0, 9

Pick-a-brick wall at the Lego store

…g with each other, making guesses, and explaining their reasoning. Students try to determine the number of Lego bins on this giant wall. Students think about arrays and multiplication as they consider a reasonable quantity of Lego bins in this three-act task. We have a PowerPoint presentation for all to use: LegoWallActivity.pptx For members we have a teaching suggestion and solution document. legowall-teachers.pdf CCSS: 3.OA.3, 4.NBT.5, 4.MD.3, 5.NBT.5 Special thanks to math teacher Megan… 0, 4

How many cars are there?

…vity. You can use the video, just beware to keep stopping the video at key points as the solution appears at the end of the video. HowManyCars from YummyMath on Vimeo. Act Two Handout: ActTwo–HowManyCars-B&W.pdf ActTwo–HowManyCars-color.pdf CCSS: 3.OA.1, 3.OA.3, 3.OA.7, 4.NBT.5, 4.MD.3, 5.NBT.5 For Members we have a PowerPoint for the activity which is easier to control than the movie and teaching notes with solutions: HowManyCars.pptx HowManyCars-teacher-talk.pdf Check out all of our… 0, 6

Big Papi

…ow the flow of the activity sheet, let students go through the modeling process. Make sure to orchestrate student sharing of reasoning. After highlighting student thinking show the video at the bottom of this post to reveal the number of donuts. The Activity: BigPapiActivitySheet.pdf For members: Word Docx and Teachers Guide: BigPapiActivitySheet.docx BigPapiActivitySheet-solution.pdf CCSS: 4.MD.3, 6.G.1, 6.RP.3, 7.G.3 The Solution: Thanks to Jen Ortega for the idea for this activity! Pics and… 0, 3

Drill Bit Fractions

…your reasoning. Act Two: Useful info: Fraction Strip Diagram up to 1/16 for exploring equivalent fractions. Note: You could have students work in groups to make their own fraction strips up to 1/64. Technology: supplement this lesson with this interactive equivalent fraction app from NCTM Illuminations. Finally, consider this video on Visualizing Equivalent Fractions from Khan Academy. Act Three: Click here to see the actual numerators. Extension: Create up your own set of drill bits. Give… 0, 5


…orld record for the tallest structure made of Legos was recently set in Seoul, South Korea. Check out the pictures and video below: How much do you estimate that it costs for only the materials, to build this tower? What other questions do you have? Act Two: What information do you need                   Here are some Lego prices from Amazon that you can use to figure this out. Amazon – Lego Ultimate Building Set – 405 piece kit Amazon – Legos Bricks… 0, 5


…g exhibit from Canstruction, 2010, in New York City. Act Two: How many cans does it take to build this structure? What information do you need to determine this? How did you determine your solution? What else did you notice that is mathematical? The Activity: Canstruction2015.pdf CCSS: 4.MD.3, 6.EE.1, 5.MD.5, 7.G.6, HSF.LE.2, MP.2, MP.3, MP.7 Act Three: For members we have a detailed solution and teacher tip page: Canstruction2015-solution.pdf and the Word docx if you would like to change the… 0, 5

How did they figure these tips?

Clicking on this image will show it larger in a new window. Act I: This restaurant bill has the suggested tips, but they are smudged out. What should they be? Consider having students make a fast 5 to 10 -second prediction in their heads. Act II: Students work – for few minutes on own, then with partners. Have groups or partners share how you figured these out. No need to have every group share, focus on, and compare and contrast, or connect a few different student strategies. Act III: Reveal… 0, 5

Which is the best candy deal?

…d to decide which would be the best deal and the worst deal on candy. They can also create their own mixed bags. This activity has unit pricing, philosophy of candy collecting, and Excel if you would like to use technology. Consider starting out the activity three act style: Show kids the pictures, ask them what questions they have. Settle on "Which bag is the best deal?" Have them make a prediction. Provide them with the activity sheet that has the costs and quantities. Have them work, maybe… 0, 5

Black Friday, football, and giving

Construction This is a 3act activity about an annual display of creativity, engineering, and design as artists contribute cans of food for the shelters and food banks of their city. Students analyze, look for patterns, discuss solutions, and finally quantify the number of cans. 4.MD.3, 6.EE.1, 5.MD.5, 7.G.6, HSF.LE.2, MP.2, MP.3, MP.7 Black Friday again ( updated!) – Students calculate savings in dollars and percents as they analyze this year's sales. 6.RP.3 , 7.EE.2, 7.EE3 Consumer Spending… 0, 14

3 winners on the Price is Right – what are the chances?

Act One: Show this clip of the recent Price is Right program. What questions do your students have? We were wondering what the chances are of 3 contestants in a row, each spinning $1.00, and earning $1,000 each. Act Two: What info would be useful? The contestants are lined up by their winnings from lowest to highest. The object of the game is to come as close to $1.00 as you can without going over $1.00. If a contestant spins over $1.00 they lose the game. Each player will take up to two… 1, 3