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Wheel of Theodorus

…B.4, MP5 @Yummymath Students loved this project! This is only 1 awesome example! pic.twitter.com/3dTSi0Q6tW — Rachel Lynch (@rachellynchmath) May 15, 2015… 0, 6

Pi Day

…g divide; applauds the talent of people who can memorize large strings of numbers; and lets students just have fun. The Activity: π-day.pdf For members we have a Word doc that can be modified and solutions. π-day.doc π-day-solutions.pdf CCSS: 7.G.4, 8.NS.1, G-C.2 OR Let students practice long division and order of operations as they use their calculators to evaluate different formulas for approximating pi and calculate the accuracy of those results. The Activity: Approximations-Pi.pdf For… 0, 2