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Getting a new iPhone – which plan should I choose?

…d construct new ideas.With our activity students select a plan and complete their graphs. Consider posting the graphs up on the wall (or over a document camera). Have the rest of the class identify which cell phone deal matches their graph. Finally students compare paying for the phone up front or with installment payments using T-Mobile, Verizon, Boost, Sprint or Consumer Cellular. Which will be the best deal in the long and short run? The activity: Which-cell-plan2017.pdf CCSS: 8.F.3, 8.F.4,… 0, 9

iPhone 7 opening weekend

…ing Activity the data and sliders are all set to go. Let your students rough out their models & predictions as they work through the activity. The Activities: iphone-opening-sales-bar-graph2016.pdf iphone-opening-sales-scatter-plot2016.pdf CCSS: 8.F.3, 8.F.5, 8.SP.2, 8.SP.3, HSF.IF.B.6, HSS.ID.B.6, HSS.ID.C.7, HSF.LE.A.1, HSF.LE.A.2 For members we editable Word docxs; iphone-opening-sales-bar-graph2016.docx iphone-opening-sales-scatter-plot2016.docx an Excel spread sheet of… 0, 8

Should I replace my toilets?

…I'm trying to be more savy about wasting our resources. I have really old fashioned toilets and I'm trying to figure out if I should invest in saving water. Can you help me? The activity: PottyTalk.pdf CCSS: 8.F.3, 8.F.4, 8.F.5, HSF.IF.B.4, HSF.IF.B.6, HSF.IF.C.7, HSF.IF.C.9, HSF.LE.A.2, HSF.LE.B.5 For members we have an editable Word docx and solutions. PottyTalk.docx HowMuchWaterWeUse.xlsx PottyTalk-solution.pdf Click here to see all of our activities listed in one place…. 0, 7

Super Bowl ad costs still increasing

…Super Bowls. This could be an awesome activity to do in your class in the days leading up to or right after the Super Bowl, when everyone is talking about those commercials. The activity: expensive-ads2017.pdf For members we have solutions for this investigation, an editable Word doc and an Excel sheet of the costs. expensive-ads2017.docx rising-sb-ad-cost2017.xlsx expensive-ads2017-solution.pdf CCSS: 8.F.3, 8.F.5, 8.SP.1, HSS.ID.B.6a, HSF.LE.A.1, HSF.IF.C.8b… 0, 6

Lifespan of a meme, the Harlem Shake

…filmed it on February 2nd. Now the whole world knows them and their dance … weird. This is the story of the life of a meme. Students explore the story and amazing growth of this video in the social media world. What can you tell from this graph? Check out our math activity below: Harlem-Shake.pdf For members we have an editable Word doc and solutions. Harlem-Shake.doc Harlem-Shake-solutions.pdf CCSS: MP1 , MP2, MP3 , 8.F.3 , 8.F.5 , HSS.IC.B.6 Thanks to Ben McGraw, Newton, MA teacher, for… 0, 5

Activities for Super Bowl and Groundhog Day

…owl cost of ads still increasing – The cost of a 30-second Super Bowl ad has continued to rise. Is the rise linear, exponential, something else? Students graph and examine an exponential function, decide on the growth factor, and predict the future. 8.F.3, 8.F.5, 8.SP.1, HSS.ID.B.6a, HSF.LE.A.1, HSF.IF.C.8b Super Bowl Numerals – Roman Numerals, how they are used and surprisingly easy numerals arithmetic. 5.NBT, 6.NS, 7.NS Super Bowl Cheesy pretzel poppers – Students follow a recipe that… 0, 28

NFL Math Activities

…m to have a home field advantage. 6.RP.1, 6.RP.2, 6.RP.3, 7.SP.4 NFL draft picks – Every spring, roughly 250 college football players are drafted by NFL teams through the NFL draft. How much does where they are drafted effect their earnings? 6.EE.9, 8.F.3, HSF.LE.A.1 4th down – It's 4th down. Should you go for it? Punt? Kick a field goal? Instead of using your gut, use research, data and math to make the right call . 7.NS.1 , 7.NS.2 , 7.NS.3 , 7.SP.C.7 , HSS.MD.A.2 , HSS.MD.B.5 , HSS.MD.B.6 ,… 0, 21

NFL draft picks 2017

…concerned with where in the order they are selected. Older students can model and extrapolate the data with a quadratic, exponential or inverse function using our Excel file or our Desmos graph. This data is from the 2016 draft. You might ask students to predict what the graph of the 2017 or 2018 contracts might look like. How will it look similar or different from the 2016 graph? NFLdraft-pick-contract-price2016.pdf CCSS: 6.EE.9, 8.F.3, HSF.LE.A.1 NFLdraft-pick-contract-price2016.docx… 0, 3

U. S. Open Tennis Tournament

…the world. We've updated our numbers and focused on the prize money. As students ponder the amounts for various wins, they will work with patterns, use number sense, reasoning, and have the opportunity to model real-life situations with algebra. U.S.Open2013.pdf An editable Word doc, solutions, and teacher tips are available for members. U.S.Open2013.doc USOpen2013-solution.pdf CCSS: 8.F.3, HSF.LE.1, HSF.LE.2… 0, 3