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Weather extremes

…oldest month ever in much of the midwest and Northeast US. Pakistan and India have experienced extreme and deadly heat waves. Use the open number line and our lists of temperature extremes to make signed number operations and absolute value sensible. Students compare record high and low temps (integers) and use absolute value in order to always find the positive difference. Subtraction of negatives becomes obvious in this lesson. CCSS: 6.NS.5, 6.NS.6, 6.NS.7, 7.NS.1, 7.SP.3, 7.SP.5 The lesson:… 0, 4


…ematics Common Core Toolbox for the idea behind some of the elements of this activity. The activity: Deflategate.pdf For members we have an editable Word docx and solutions. Deflated.docx Deflategate-solution.pdf CCSS:6.NS.5, 6.NS.6, 6.NS.7, 6.EE.5, 7.NS.1,HSA.CED.A.1, HSA.CED.A.3 Ss loved @yummymath deflated football assignment. I learned some things too! #talkingpoints #SuperBowlXLIX — Lori Barr (@LbarrBarr) January 31, 2015 Check out all current Yummymath lessons in one place at our Bird’s… 0, 4

How much did the temperature change in Boston?

…e text. Let them determine and discuss the temperature change as a class. After your students have reached some conclusions show the article link below showing the original number. Follow up question: If a student found an incorrect temperature change, what mistake did they most likely make? How could you draw a diagram to help other students see the correct increase (horizontal and vertical number lines)? Reveal the: Original Article CCSS: 6.NS.5, 7.NS.1, 7.NS.3 One more question you could ask… 0, 3

4th down

…own decision from recent games. The activities: 4th_Down_Elementary.pdf & a more advanced version: 4th_Down.pdf For members: 4th_Down_Elementary.doc 4th_Down_Elementary_Solutions.pdf & 4th_Down.doc & 4th_Down_Solutions.pdf CCSS: 7.NS.1 , 7.NS.2 , 7.NS.3 , 7.SP.C.7 , HSS.MD.A.2 , HSS.MD.B.5 , HSS.MD.B.6 , HSS.MD.B.7 Plus here are some other NFL math activities! Watson Saves – Watch the video with your class and use our activity to motivate students to figure out who ran a greater… 0, 3


…stimate, make sure that you show your thinking and process so that it is clear to other. Teachers – you may consider having students create posters that show how they came to an estimate or consider showing different ideas through a document camera. Act Three: Possible Solutions Lego.pdf For members we have an editable Word doc and solutions. Lego.doc Lego-solutions.pdf CCSS: 4.OA.4, 5.NBT.5, 6.RP.3, 6.NS.2, 7.NS.3 Pictures from Amazon.com, timesofmalta.com, psfk.com, usatoday.com… 0, 2

Chicken to share

…is pic will show it larger in a new window. How many pieces does each person get when $10 is supposed to feed two people? Clicking on this pic will show it larger in a new window. Which would you buy and how much is each piece of your choice? How many nuggets do you guess are in that popcorn bucket and how to calculate (in general) for any number of nuggets in that bucket? The activity: KFC$10share.pdf CCSS: 5.NF.B, 6.NS.A, 7.NS.A For members we have an editable Word docx and solutions…. 0, 2

The V~o~r~t~e~x

…Weather has been extreme in the U.S. lately. Use this incredible media topic to engage your students in integer subtraction, analysis, understanding, practice and confidence building. CCSS: 7.NS.1, 7.NS.3, MP2 The Activity: TemperatureChanges.pdf For members we have an editable Word docx and solutions. TemperatureChanges.docx TemperatureChanges-solution… 0, 2

Scoring Olympic ski jumping

…intended to eliminate the possibility of scoring bias from the judges. Let your students learn more about the scoring of one event and decide whether it seems fair or not. In ski jumping each entrant receives style points and distance points. Check it out! The activity: OlympicSkiJumpScoring.pdf For members we have an editable Word dock and solutions. OlympicSkiJumpScoring.docx OlympicSkiJumpScoring-solution.pdf CCSS: 5.NBT, 5.OA, 6.NS, 6.EE, 7.NS, 7.EE, HSA.CED More Olympic Math: The Olympic… 0, 2

How should I cook my turkey?

…king take? How much will it cost? How many can I feed? Will there be enough mashed potatoes? I feel panic coming on! The activity: TurkeyDinner.pdf For members we have solutions and a Word docx to amend or enhance our plan. Turkey-dinner.docx Turkey-dinner-solution.pdf CCSS: Depending on what grade level you’re teaching & what you’re focusing on different standards can be addressed: 4.MD.1, 5.NBT.7, 4.MD.2, 6.RP.3, 6.NS.3, 7.NS.3 You could begin this lesson with this funny but appropriate… 0, 2

Fantasy Football

…ague: https://www.youthfantasyleague.com/ The activity: Fantasy_Football_2014.pdf For members we have an editable Word doc and we’ve written solutions and some suggestions. Fantasy_Football_2014 FantasyFootball2014-solution.pdf CCSS: 6.EE.1, 6.EE.2, 7.NS.1, 7.NS.2, 7.EE.3, 7.EE.4, HSA.SSE.A.1, HSA.CED.A.4, HSA.CED.A.2, HSA.REI.B.3 If your class is unfamiliar with fantasy football you might consider showing this video that goes through the basics. Check out all current Yummymath lessons in one… 0, 2

Who had the greatest NBA season ever?

…dents write the expression: Total Offensive Production = p + (2.1)a + (1.05)r + (1.05)b + (1.05)s + (-1.05)t This is also an excellent time to introduce formula use in Excel to your classes. Enjoy! The Activity: best-NBA-season-ever2016.pdf For members we have an editable Word doc, an Excel file, and solutions. best-NBA-season-ever2016.docx greatest-season-ever2016.xlsx best-NBA-season-ever2016-solutions.pdf CCSS: 5.OA.1 , 5.NBT.7 , 6.NS.3 , 6.EE.2 , 6.EE.3 , 6.EE.6 , 7.EE.1 , 7.NS.3,… 0, 2

Father’s Day blueberry surprise

…Sunday is Father’s Day and there is still time to have a tiny fraction review in the guise of celebrating Father’s Day. This is a short activity that asks students to change the amounts in a blueberry muffin recipe to multiples of and fractions of a ¼ cup measuring cup (multiplication and division with unit fractions). fathers-day-muffins.pdf For members we have an editable Word doc and solutions. fathers-day-muffins.doc fathers-day-muffins-solutions.pdf CCSS: 4.NF.4, 5.NF.7, 6.NS.1, 7.NS.2… 0, 2

Free Pizza for a Whole Stadium?

…word docs for members: Pizzas-for-stadium-of-fans.docx Pizza-to-feed-a-stadium-of-fans-solutions&tips.pdf This activity could span a number of grade levels. Kids are estimating, reasoning and working with rational numbers CCSS: 5.NBT.7, 6.NS.3, 7.NS.3, 7.EE.3. Could also address area of circles as students consider pizza sizes: 7.G.4. Finally, this is a great activity for high school students to engage in modeling and practice basic operations with rational numbers. It is also very likely… 0, 2

How Many Pennies did Otha Save?

…e practicing division and multiplication with decimals The number of pennies he saved: Actual original Article – nothing grayed out. For members we have teacher suggestions and teaching tips: Solutions-Teacher-Tips.pdf CCSS: 5.MD.3, 5.NBT.7, 6.NS.3, 7.NS.3, 7.EE.3 This activity could span a number of grade levels. Kids are estimating, reasoning and working with rational numbers. Finally, this is a great activity for high school students to engage in modeling and practice basic operations with… 0, 2

Macy’s Thanksgiving day parade, 2016

…alloons including Angry Bird, Red, and from two year’s ago, the Wizard of Oz balloon. Very fun and timely with lots of Common Core standards addressed. Try the whole activity or any of the different tasks in the activity with your class. Bob Olsen, a 5th/6th grade math teacher from Illinois, sent us this activity a few year ago. We’ve updated it again this year with the parade’s current facts and balloons. CCSS: 4.NBT.4 , 4.MD.1, 4.MD.2, 5.NBT.6, 5.MD.1, 5.MD.5b, 6.NS.3, 7.NS.3, 7.G.1, HSG.MG.1… 0, 2