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Macy’s Thanksgiving day parade, 2016

…the volume of two parade balloons including Angry Bird, Red, and from two year’s ago, the Wizard of Oz balloon. Very fun and timely with lots of Common Core standards addressed. Try the whole activity or any of the different tasks in the activity with your class. Bob Olsen, a 5th/6th grade math teacher from Illinois, sent us this activity a few year ago. We’ve updated it again this year with the parade’s current facts and balloons. CCSS: 4.NBT.4 , 4.MD.1, 4.MD.2, 5.NBT.6, 5.MD.1, 5.MD.5b,… 0, 4

How Many Donuts is That?

…f students, and the conversations you are having in class. What might come up? different areas or arrays, scale, estimation, volume and in particular volume by multiplying the base area by the number of layers. CCSS: 4.MD.3, 4.NBT.5, 4.OA.3, 5.MD.3, 5.MD.5, 6.G.1, 6.G.2, 6.RP.3, 7.G.1, 7.G.6, MP1, MP2, MP3, MP6, MP7 ExtraInfo.pdf Act Three: This news clip gives the solution. Sequel: Now that you know how many donuts are in the box, what dimensions and number of rows and columns could give this… 0, 3

Black Friday, football, and giving

…annual display of creativity, engineering, and design as artists contribute cans of food for the shelters and food banks of their city. Students analyze, look for patterns, discuss solutions, and finally quantify the number of cans. 4.MD.3, 6.EE.1, 5.MD.5, 7.G.6, HSF.LE.2, MP.2, MP.3, MP.7 Black Friday again ( updated!) – Students calculate savings in dollars and percents as they analyze this year’s sales. 6.RP.3 , 7.EE.2, 7.EE3 Consumer Spending – Students look for patterns in an historical… 0, 14


…Act Two: How many cans does it take to build this structure? What information do you need to determine this? How did you determine your solution? What else did you notice that is mathematical? The Activity: Canstruction2015.pdf CCSS: 4.MD.3, 6.EE.1, 5.MD.5, 7.G.6, HSF.LE.2, MP.2, MP.3, MP.7 Act Three: For members we have a detailed solution and teacher tip page: Canstruction2015-solution.pdf and the Word docx if you would like to change the activity: Canstruction2015.docx You can also find a… 0, 2

California water measurements – chains, links, and furlongs

…t, chains, and furlongs are often used to describe the volume of the reservoirs. Give your class a little practice and appreciation of the measurements while they learn a little about the immensity of the situation. The activity: CaliforniaWater-acre-feet.pdf For members we have an editable Word docx and solutions. CaliforniaWater-acre-feet.docx CaliforniaWater-acre-feet-solution.pdf CCSS: 5.MD.5, 6.G.3, 6.RP.3, 7.RP.3, MP6… 0, 1

Collecting the most candy!

…the sphere to make this activity more useful for 5th or 6th graders or include the whole activity to challenge with a little bit of percent work. Teachers might consider showing the students the images of candy containers above and asking students which they guess would hold the most candy. (You can show the images larger to your class by clicking on each image.) Then ask them what information they would need to calculate those volumes. CCSS: 5.MD.5, 7.G.6, 8.G.9, HSG.GMD.3 candy-bags.pdf For… 0, 1