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Done with the leaves … now for the snow

…ero. With 4 people it takes 3 hours to rake my leaves, because 4×3=12 or 12/3=4. What about 6 people? 6×2=12 or 12/6=2? What about zero people? Can't happen because nothing multiplied by zero makes 12 and you can't divide 12 up by zero people. CCSS: 5.G.1 , 5.G.2, 6.EE.6, 6.EE.7, 6.EE.9, 8.F.4, 8.F.5, HSA.CED.2, HSA.REI.10, HSF.IF.4, HSF.IF.5, HSF.IF.7 MP.7, MP.8 The Activity: done-with-leaves2013.pdf For members we've added a Word doc and solutions. done-with-leaves2013.doc… 0, 6

Do teams that spend a lot win a lot?

…ta for both activities: BasketballStats.pdf FootballStats.pdf HockeyStats.pdf BaseballStats.pdf For middle school students, the lesson focuses on the 8th grade CCSS around scatter plots, association, outliers and clusters. Payrolls-vs-wins.pdf CCSS: 5.G.1, 5.G.2, 6.SP.2, 6.SP.5, 8.SP.1, 8.SP.2, 8.SP.3, HSS.ID.6 For high school students the lesson focuses on high school CCSS, such as correlation coefficients and distinguishing between correlation and causation. HS-team-payrolls-vs-wins.pdf CCSS:… 0, 5

Cost of a gallon of gas

…st of gasoline has really gone up, stayed the same, or gone down. Add in some current event facts to the discussion to analyze why the nominal price of gasoline has changed through the years. Clicking on this image will show it larger in a new window. This activity is appropriate for students 5th grade or older. It can be used to address many different skills & standards. Some obvious CCSS: 5.G.1, 5.G.2, 5.NBT.7, 6.NS.3, MP3, MP4, MP5… 0, 5

What’s your favorite sport?

…an be easily adapted for younger students, say 5th grade, to introduce or practice graphing in one quadrant. The activity: WhatsYourFavoriteSport.pdf For members we have an editable Word docx and teacher hints and suggestions. What'sYourFavoriteSport.docx What'sYourFavoriteSport-solutions.pdf CCSS: 8.SP.1, HSS.ID.B.6 Could also be easily adapted for 5th grade teachers to address 5.G.1, 5.G.2… 0, 4

Columbus and navigation

…s is a good route to the Indian subcontinent? Sailing West was a huge navigational feat. Fortunately Columbus's ships experienced good weather but they landed in the Caribbean … not southern Asia. Use some of what we know now about navigation to examine this trek and do some reasoning and experimentation with the data. For younger students you might consider using only the first part of the activity. The activity: 1492.pdf CCSS: 5.G, 6.RP, 7.RP, 8.G.B, HSG.SRT.C.8 For members we have an… 0, 3

The growth of Godzilla

…vie is out at theaters. His first appearance was in 1954 when he was created in Japan and crushed Tokyo. He appears to have grown. Do the film-makers have him growing appropriately? Lets do the math. The math activity: Godzilla.pdf For members we have an editable Word docx, an Excel spreadsheet of data and some charts, and solutions. Godzilla.docx Godzilla.xlsx Godzilla-solution.pdf CCSS: 5.G.1, 7.G.1, 8.SP.1, HSS.ID.B.6… 0, 3

Fall equinox

…ska applet. autumnal-equinox-deducing-from-chart2016.pdf – What can you deduce about the Autumnal Equinox from this line graph? autumnal-equinox-3-latitudes2016.pdf How are the daylight hours of these three latitudes different and the same? autumnal-equinox-using-trig2016.pdf Calculate daylight hours for any latitude with a formula involving trigonometry. daylight-hours-N40.xlsx Spreadsheet and charts for various latitudes. CCSS: 5.G.A.2, 7.G.A.3, 8.SP, HSG.MG.A.1 Check out all current… 0, 3

Cheesy Goldfish crackers

…activity. It will then truly be yummy math. Check out a second version of the activity (scroll down in the post) that solely focuses on and makes a connection between the ratio standards in grades six and seven. Goldfish Activity.pdf Addressed CCSS: 5.G.2, 6.RP.1, 6.RP.2, 6.RP.3, 6.NS.2, 7.RP.2, 7.RP.3, 8.EE.5 For members we have an editable Word doc and solutions and tips. Goldfish-cheesy.doc Goldfish Solutions & Teacher Tips.pdf We have a second version of the Goldfish problem that is… 0, 3

Monopoly 2014

…ts. (Question 8 on the Word document uses property names that are related to our room and our school in Newton. You can easily change the document to relate to your room and school.) monopoly2014.pdf Activity as questions and separate Excel data: monopoly-wo-excel.pdf + monopoly-data.xls For member we have solutions and an editable Word doc: monopoly2014.docx monopoly2014-solutions.pdf CCSS: 5.G., 6.SP.3, 6.SP.5, 8.F.4, 8.SP, S-ID… 0, 3

Activities for Super Bowl and Groundhog Day

…t spend a lot win a lot? – Students compare team wins with team salaries in the four major North American sports … the NBA, NFL, MLB and NHL. Students use data from recent seasons to create scatter plots comparing wins and salaries for each sport. 5.G.1, 5.G.2, 6.SP.2, 6.SP.5, 8.SP.1, 8.SP.2, 8.SP.3, HSS.ID.6, HSS.ID.C.8, HSS.ID.C.9 Extra point or 2-point conversion? – The NFL changed the extra point kick distance to 33 yards and now teams have a tough decision to make, go for one or two… 0, 18

Movie tickets over time

…at the changes in movie ticket prices over the last 30 years. Using his scatter plot (or his data) students analyze rates of change, make predictions about the future ticket costs, guesses about past costs and try to create lines of best fit. CCSS: 5.G.2, 8.EE.6, 8.SP.1, 8.SP.2, 8.SP.3 , HSF.IF.B.6 , HSS,ID.B.6, HSS.ID.C.7 Activity Sheet: movie-ticket-prices+activity.pdf For members we have an editable Word docx, an Excel sheet of the data and chart, and solutions…. 0, 3

NFL Math Activities

…a lot? – In this activity students compare team wins with team salaries in the four major North American sports … the NBA, NFL, MLB and NHL. Students use data from recent seasons to create scatter plots comparing wins and salaries for each sport. 5.G.1, 5.G.2, 6.SP.2, 6.SP.5, 8.SP.1, 8.SP.2, 8.SP.3, HSS.ID.6, HSS.ID.C.8, HSS.ID.C.9, HSS.ID.B.6 Losing team in the playoffs – How often do teams with losing records qualify for the playoffs? Who was the worst team ever to make the playoffs? In… 0, 13

Fun and crazy things to do for April Fools day

…We have two classic puzzles for your April 1st class starters. PerplexingOne.pdf PerplexingTwo.pdf CCSS: MP.1, MP3,4.OA, 5.G, 8.EE, 8.SP For members we have solutions. PerplexingOne-solution.pdf PerplexingTwo-solution.pdf Or you might baffle and amaze your students with our Ghost Whisperer lesson. They will think you are pulling one over on them until they figure out the math! Another great April Fool's day activity would be Robert Kaplinsky's Foil Prank…. 0, 2

Pokémon GO! I should have invested

…ey travel to nearby landmarks where virtual critters appear and need to be caught by throwing Pokémon Balls with a phone swipe. Well, at least those gamers are getting a little exercise. Let your students talk about gaming as they quantify how popular this has become, how much data is consumed by gamers, how much of an average data plan will be consumed by playing, and how they could have become rich had they invested in Nintendo stock. The activity: PokémonGO.pdf CCSS: 5.G.A, 6.SP.B, 6.RP.A,… 0, 2