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Ghost Whisperer

…anta Ynez, CA and was inspired by a workshop given by Dr. Patrick Callahan. The activity sheet: Ghost-Whisperer.pdf For members we have an editable Word doc, solutions, and teaching suggestions: Ghost-Whisperer.doc Ghost-Whisperer-solution.pdf CCSS: 4.OA.4, 5.OA.1, HSA.CED.A.2, MP.1, MP.3, MP.4, MP.7, MP.8 [email protected] My students loved the “ghost whisperer problem,” as in wouldn’t-leave-even-after-bell-rang loved it. — Robin Hosemann (@robinhosemann) February 25, 2014 @Yummymath Love the Ghost… 0, 2

Cicada swarmaggedon

…e? In this activity students learn about the length of a life cycle and why a large prime number makes an excellent survival technique. Besides the prime number notes, this 5 minute movie is great for teaching students to command cicadas to move this way or that. Lots of fun. Cicadas.pdf For members we have an editable Word doc and solutions. Cicadas.doc cicada-solution.pdf CCSS: 4.OA.4, 6.NS.4… 0, 1


…ders of Tomorrow 605 piece set As you come to an estimate, make sure that you show your thinking and process so that it is clear to other. Teachers – you may consider having students create posters that show how they came to an estimate or consider showing different ideas through a document camera. Act Three: Possible Solutions Lego.pdf For members we have an editable Word doc and solutions. Lego.doc Lego-solutions.pdf CCSS: 4.OA.4, 5.NBT.5, 6.RP.3, 6.NS.2, 7.NS.3 Pictures from Amazon.com,… 0, 1