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Pascal coloring and modular math

…in class and then that evening for homework. Pascal’s Triangle is explored for patterns, coloring, and motivation to learn about modular arithmetic or clock math. Introduction&day1.pdf ModularArithmetic&day2.pdf Hexagon-grid.pdf CCSS: 3.OA, 4.OA, 5.OA, MP.3, MP.8 For members we have editable documents and solutions. Introduction&day1.docx Introduction&day1-solution.pdf ModularArithmetic&day2.docx ModularArithmetic&day2-solution.pdf First two Pascal’s Triangle… 0, 3

Ghost Whisperer

…anta Ynez, CA and was inspired by a workshop given by Dr. Patrick Callahan. The activity sheet: Ghost-Whisperer.pdf For members we have an editable Word doc, solutions, and teaching suggestions: Ghost-Whisperer.doc Ghost-Whisperer-solution.pdf CCSS: 4.OA.4, 5.OA.1, HSA.CED.A.2, MP.1, MP.3, MP.4, MP.7, MP.8 [email protected] My students loved the “ghost whisperer problem,” as in wouldn’t-leave-even-after-bell-rang loved it. — Robin Hosemann (@robinhosemann) February 25, 2014 @Yummymath Love the Ghost… 0, 2

The Star Wars phenomena continues

…n sheet, and solutions. StarWarsProfitability2017.docx StarWarsEarnings2.xlsx StarWarsProfitability2017-solution.pdf Depending on the grade level and the way students approach the problem many different CCSS can be addressed: CCSS: 4.NBT.5, 4.NBT.6, 4.OA.2, 4.OA.3, 5.NBT.5, 5.NBT.6, 6.NS.2, 7.NS.3, MP3 If you would like another Star Wars activity, The Force Awakens lets students try to predict the movie’s long-run take from only its opening weekend activity. 8.SP.1 , 8.SP.2 , 8.SP.3 ,… 0, 2

Jorge just turned 12. How old is he in human years?

My dog, Jorge, has just turned 12 years old. He still seems like a puppy to me but I wonder how old he is when compared to a human’s age. He’s definitely not like an 84 year old human (12 years old x 7 human years per 1 dog year). Students analyze charts and graphs to reveal the pattern of human/dog aging for different-sized animals. The activity: DogYears2017.pdf For members we have an editable Word docx and solutions. DogYears2017.docx DogYears2017-solutions.pdf CCSS: 4.A.5, 5.OA.3, 6.EE.9,… 0, 1

Fun and crazy things to do for April Fools day

…We have two classic puzzles for your April 1st class starters. PerplexingOne.pdf PerplexingTwo.pdf CCSS: MP.1, MP3,4.OA, 5.G, 8.EE, 8.SP For members we have solutions. PerplexingOne-solution.pdf PerplexingTwo-solution.pdf Or you might baffle and amaze your students with our Ghost Whisperer lesson. They will think you are pulling one over on them until they figure out the math! Another great April Fool’s day activity would be Robert Kaplinsky’s Foil Prank…. 0, 1

Cicada swarmaggedon

…e? In this activity students learn about the length of a life cycle and why a large prime number makes an excellent survival technique. Besides the prime number notes, this 5 minute movie is great for teaching students to command cicadas to move this way or that. Lots of fun. Cicadas.pdf For members we have an editable Word doc and solutions. Cicadas.doc cicada-solution.pdf CCSS: 4.OA.4, 6.NS.4… 0, 1

Cubs bury curse !

…8, how long has that been? How many players have waited? How many games or innings have gone by? How many days, minutes, seconds? In this activity students answer some of these or their own questionsabout how much of something has gone by since the Cubs won the World Series. Some of these questions are best answered through a little Internet research or by just getting the best estimate with a little reasoning. The activity: Cubs.pdf CCSS: 4.OA.A, 6.RP.A, 7.RP.A, 7.EE.B, MP5, MP6 For members we… 0, 1

Humongous vegetables of Alaska

…e, the newspaper’s front page was filled with pictures of huge vegetables that were exibited at the annual State Fair. Evidently, even though the growing season in Alaska is short, farmers are able to grow 75 pound cabbages, 100 pound kales, and 1,000 pound pumpkins. How do they do that? AlaskaVegetables.pdf For members we have an editable Word doc and solutions. AlaskaVegetables.doc AlaskaVegetables-solutions.pdf CCSS: 4.OA, 5.NBT, 6.SP, 7.SP If you would like to see photos from my trip, watch… 0, 1

Another year of Never Ending Pasta

…hey would like to gather in order to analyze the money-making, money-saving, or money-losing potential of this Pasta Pass. Finally, students create their own all you can eat pass for their favorite restaurant. The activity: all-you-can-eat-pasta2016.pdf For members we have an editable Word docx and solutions. all-you-can-eat-pasta2016.docx all-you-can-eat-pasta2016-solution.pdf CCSS: MP.3, MP.4, 4.OA.3, 5.NBT.7, 7.SP.A.2, 7.RP.A.1, HSS.IC.B.4… 0, 1

How much does it cost to send you back to school?

…It offers an opportunity for kids to get estimating, researching, reasoning, calculating and communication skills honed for the coming year. The activity: BackToSchoolCosts2017.pdf Back-to-school-checklists Present minimumwage-by-state2017.pdf CCSS: 4.OA.3, 4.NBT.3, 6.SP.3, 6.SP.5, 7.EE.3, MP5, HSF, HSA For members we have an editable Word docx, an Excel sheet of costs, and solutions with teaching tips. BackToSchoolCosts2017.docx Cost-of-back-to-school2017.xlsx… 0, 1

Moneymaking holiday movies

…, calculate percent increase, consider the most appropriate graphical representation and graph the data … along with sharing what they have seen and enjoyed. Student activity: top10HolidayMovies2016.pdf For members we have a Word docx, an Excel sheet of data/graphs and solutions/hints. top10holidaymovies2016.docx 10highestgrosingmovies2016.xlsx top10holidaymovies2016-solutions.pdf CCSS: 4.OA.3, 4.NBT.3, 6.SP.4, 6.SP.5d… 0, 1

How Many Donuts is That?

…hod, age level of students, and the conversations you are having in class. What might come up? different areas or arrays, scale, estimation, volume and in particular volume by multiplying the base area by the number of layers. CCSS: 4.MD.3, 4.NBT.5, 4.OA.3, 5.MD.3, 5.MD.5, 6.G.1, 6.G.2, 6.RP.3, 7.G.1, 7.G.6, MP1, MP2, MP3, MP6, MP7 ExtraInfo.pdf Act Three: This news clip gives the solution. Sequel: Now that you know how many donuts are in the box, what dimensions and number of rows and columns… 0, 1

Is 2017 prime?

…Every birthday I consider whether I’m in the prime of my life … like when I was 29 years old. Will this new year be a prime year? I hope so. Don’t use Google or Siri or whatever. Just see if you can figure this out and explain your reasoning. The activity: PrimeYear.pdf CCSS: 4.OA.B.4, 5.NF.B.5.a For members we have an editable Word docx and solutions with hints. PrimeYear.docx PrimeYear-solution.pdf… 0, 1

Does it pay to get educated?

…ath activity: does-it-pay-to-get-educated.pdf Ken Waldman of Newton Public Schools, modified our post to make it a little easier for his students. This is his modification: does-it-pay-to-get-educated-Waldman.pdf For members we have an editable Word doc, an Excel sheet of the data and chart, and solutions. does-it-pay-to-get-educated.doc income&ed-level.xlsx does-it-pay-to-get-educated-solutions.pdf CCSS: 4.OA.2, 5.NBT.5, 6.RP.3, 6.NS.3, 6.SP.3 6.SP.4, 6.SP.5, 7.SP.4, MP.1, MP.3… 0, 1