Lots of pieces

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Brian has a lot of puzzles.  His family must love working on them.

What do you wonder about his puzzles? What do you notice?

Make an educated guess, about how many pieces are in all of these puzzles?  Can you think of any tricks to add up the pieces in these boxes?  Do the math!

Powerball & MegaMillion Probability

Powerball and MegaMillion jackpots are growing all the time.  Having a terrible chance of winning nearly a BILLION dollars might be a context that engages your students.  


Examine compound probability to decide if playing Powerball is worth it.  As part of the activity, try this Powerball simulator with your class. Here is another simulator with less drama, but a little more math. This could be a powerful way to show kids the reality of the lottery.  See our activity on Powerball and probability below.  Here is a Mega Millions simulator as well, which was about $1 billion on the Friday October 19, 2018, but typically doesn't have as a high of jackpots as Powerball.

Crazy basketball score

Wow! Look at that score!

There were some scoreboard malfunctions in this December 15, 2020, pre-season game. What might have been the final score if this game progressed at this rate?

The activity: Celtics&76ers.pdf

Inauguration Date

The date of the Presidential Inauguration this year can be written in an interesting way.

What do you notice?  What do you wonder?  Do you think that this happens often in a year?

How much snow is that?


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Start this activity with: What do you notice? What do you wonder?

How many inches of snow produced that pile?  How much snow in volume is on top of the car?  How much could that snow weigh?

Students try to approximate the weight of the snow by using our snow water equivalent percents (SWE) and their own thoughts about how dense this snow might be.  When they've calculated a weight or range of weights, we try to decide whether the car should have been flattened by all of that snow.  Wicked fun!  Is this even possible or was this picture photoshopped?