Indigenous Peoples or Columbus Day

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When Columbus landed in Guanahani (renamed San Salvador, Bahama Islands by Columbus), he began the European settlement of the New World. Guanahani was inhabited by the Taíno people and it wasn't really a new world.

In this activity students learn a little history, question what they have learned earlier, and calculate how far off Columbus was from East India and his understanding of the actual circumference of the Earth.

The activity: IndigenousPeoplesDay.pdf

Are hurricanes getting stronger and more frequent?


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In this updated hurricane activity, we've ask students to examine the Saffir-Simpson hurricane wind scale and consider what other elements besides this ranking may contribute to the devastation that is caused by tropical storms.

Students read about hurricane classfications and calculate the possible increases in destruction from various scaled events.  Estimation, data analysis with graphs to study trends, damage expense, average frequency, and histogram are all part of this lesson.

The activity: hurricane2022.pdf

Do teams that spend a lot win a lot?

First ask students to look at the table below.  What do you notice?  What does it make you wonder?

TeamTeam PayrollWinsSportSeason
Boston Red Sox$227,398,860108MLB2018
Tampa Bay Rays$68,810,16790MLB2018
Washington Capitals$85,000,000105NHL2017-18
Carolina Hurricanes$62,000,00083NHL2017-18
Jacksonville Jaguars$224,857,0175NFL2018
Buffalo Bills$124,148,7696NFL2018
Miami Heat$153,171,49739NBA2018-19
Atlanta Hawks$79,180,08129NBA2018-19

Little Amal

With our world in so much turmoil and refugees trying to survive hardships by traveling away from their homes, the story of Little Amal is powerful and touching. Of course there is lots of math in creating an 11 foot tall puppet that can be controlled by 3 people and show fear, surprise, wonder, and generally the humanity of refugees.  Bring the story of Amal to your classroom with this timely art.

The activity: LittleAmal.pdf

Hurricanes, Typhoons, and Cyclones

Graphic from

This week Hurricane Fiona caused major damage to Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic and the Caribbean,

This is the season for increased cyclonic activity around the globe.  How are hurricanes, typhoons, and cyclones related?

There is a measurement called the Accumulated Cyclone Energy (ACE).  How is it measured? Are storms becoming more intense?  Did you know there is a formula for measuring the strength of storms and storm seasons?  Let's see if this formula for measuring the intensity of storms makes any sense?

The activity: typhoons-hurricanes-cyclones2022.pdf

How much caffeine are you consuming?

Did you know that there is an amount of caffeine that is too much for the growing brain of a teenager?  We did some research and have asked students to examine the sources of caffeine in their diets and calculate the number of servings that they actually consume.

The activity: Caffeine-amounts.pdf