Taking two discounts off (2 activities)

Memorial Day is a time for sales.  Advertisers want your business.  They often use repeated discounts to make you think you are getting stuff for free.  Be aware!

     Double Discounts - Wow, check out this sale!  I'm gonna be able to get this great hoodie so cheap!   If I use the promo code what will be the total percent off?


Wow, everything must be free! -  What happens when you take 50% off again after taking 50% off at first?  Could everything be free?

The odds of horse race betting

Rich Strike surprised everyone at the Kentucky Derby horse race in early May by moving from 18th place at the half-way mark (out of 20 horses) to winning the race. Churchill Downs, the track in Kentucky where the race took place, paid out $81 for every dollar that was bet for Rich Strike to win.  How do they figure that?  Is this fair?

The activity: RichStrikeOdds.pdf

When will they collide?

Show the video to your class. Give students time to complain and talk about seeing this commercial.  Then take guesses from students about the actual time it would take to collide.

Time rate distance problem image

Shooting for Three

The NBA court has a 3-point line that separates how many points a player will earn for his team by making a basket from outside of that line. Teams have been shooting more and more three's, but should they be and why?

Are all three point shots equal?  Is the three point shot worth it?  In this activity students read graphs, find distances using either scale or the distance formula, and work with probability and expected value.  Students might also do some reasoning with arcs of circles.  Please note - as students find the distance of the three point line from the rim, they should use the center of the rim. 

Start your class off with this this video of some amazing 3-pointers: Great 3-pointers video

The activity: ForThree2021.pdf

Mother’s Day 2022 (14 ideas)

Mother's Day is right around the corner and this means big business for the greeting card and floral industries. Let your students practice averages, percents, and large numbers while they analyze the statistics on Mother's Day spending.  You could even ask students to do their calculations in scientific notation to add an extra dimension to this activity. Enjoy!


For members we have an editable Word docx and solutions.

mothers-day-numbers2021.docx      mothers-day-numbers2021-solution.pdf

CCSS: 6.RP, 6.SP, 7.RP, 7.SP

A gorgeous, glittery Mother's Day card - Finding the area of a heart by finding upper and lower limits.

CCSS: 3.MD.C, 4.NBT.B, 5.NBT.B, 6.G.A, 7.G.A