Spider-Man continues

Spider-Man: No Way Home opened on December 17, 2021.  

  • How much did it cost to make?
  • How much will it gross?
  • Is the Spider-Man phenomena a guarantee for success?
  • How would you compare all of the Spider-Man movies?

We've gathered data on each of the movies' budgets and earnings and posed some open-ended questions.  How do the Spider-Man movies compare?

Consider this: Start with only the first page of the activity:

SpidermanProfitabiity.pdf.  Have kids look at the data and ponder these questions: What does this data make you wonder? What would you like to find out? How do you suppose that I should calculate the profit that these companies made from the movies? What other factors should I try to account for in creating profit amounts that I could compare?

Mystical Mathematical Mind Reader

Clicking on this image will take you to the Mind Reader online site at https://www.transum.org/

Last year, Adobe stopped supporting Flash.  Since then, our very popular Ghost Whisperer activity (which was created by Andy Naughton and depended on Flash) has not been functional.

Luckily, John Tranter of Transum Mathematics, has recreated a non-Flash rendition of this awesome puzzling activity.

Students can play this game online at Mystical Mind Reader.

  • Figure out why it works.
  • Construct viable arguments
  • Critique the work of others

This activity can be used with any grade level elementary through high school.  Younger students might work with patterns, multiples and order of operations. Older students might work with systems of equations to prove how the Mystical Mind Reader works.

Home team advantage?


Even before your students check out the graphic below, ask them whether they think a game played at home gives their team an advantage.  If so, how much of an advantage?  Enjoy the discussion first.  Then show the graphic.

Clicking on this image will show it in a larger in a new window.

When you look at the visual what do you see?  What does it make you think?  What do you wonder?

The James Webb telescope

After launch, the telescope deployed on its 30-day, million-mile journey out to the second Lagrange point (L2). This video shows the deployment procedure, timeline, and location of the satellite during deployment.
  • Is this telescope just a more modern telescope than Hubble?
  • Why does it take 30 days to reach its orbit?
  • What's a Lagrange point?
  • Why did it launch from French Guiana in the Amazon rain forrest?
  • What is the sling shot effect?

Enquiring minds want to know while they do the math!