Will the Barbie movie out-perform Avatar at the box office?

The Barbie Movie is still doing well in the theaters.  It has only been 6 1/2 weeks since its debut.  Do you think that it can out-earn Avatar?  Students study the numbers, recognize the need for an inflation adjustment, get to share their observations about the movie and its messages, recognize that a graph helps to visualize the data, and draw their own conclusions about how far Barbie will go as a money-maker.

The activity: BarbieSuccess.pdf

CCSS: 3.OA, 3.NBT, 4.OA, 4.MD, 5.NBT, 5.MD, 5.G, 6.RP

For members we have an editable Word docx of our activity, our solutions, and an Excel file of our data

BarbieSuccess.docx     BarbieVSAvatar.xlsx    Comparison-conclusion.pdf

For another activity to use about the Barbie Movie, see our previous Barbie Opening Activity.

The movie is nostalgic, clever, and wildly entertaining.

We've written an activity that lets students express their excitement (or lack of) in seeing this new movie, study the data of previously successful movies, and predict whether Barbie will be a financial success.

CCSS: 4.NBT, 6.EE, 7.NS, 7.SP, 8.F, 8.SP, HS


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