Thanksgiving, football, shopping and giving

barbecued-smoked-turkeyHow should I cook my turkey? - Students judge timing, cost, tastiness, and quantity necessary as they plan for the feast. 4.MD, 5.NBT, 4.MD, 6.RP, 6.NS, 7.NS +  Great video on a deep frying fire with William Shatner.

Shopping season already! - Students will be able to add some understanding and analysis to holiday shopping trips after calculating savings in dollars and percents with this timely investigation. 6.RP, 7.EE, 7.EE

Not enough mashed potatoes - Use Brian's famous mashed potatoes recipe to practice changing decimals to fractions; calculating ingredient measure for various-sized Thanksgiving servings; have students explain their reasoning; and to have students figure out how many servings 7½ pounds of potatoes would make. 5.NF, 6.RP, 7.RP

pumpkin-pie1Delicious pumpkin pie - Students estimate, multiply fractions and use proportional reasoning as they calculate the ingredients necessary for my wonderful pie. 4.MD, 4.NF, 5.MD, 5.NF, 6.RP

Black-Friday-Deals1Black Friday - Updated! Students calculate savings in dollars and percents as they analyze this year's sales. 6.RP, 7.EE

Lots of Cranberries - In this activity, students learn about how cranberries are grown and harvested; estimate their size and quantities; and see what they can deduce from published statistics. 5.MD, 6.RP, 6.SP, 7.G.B, 8.G

Consumer Spending - Updated! Students look for patterns in an historical view of the times of year that we spend money. They look for spikes and drops in spending and hypothesize which trends will repeat and which movements are a one-time event. 6.SP.5, 8.F.5, HSS.IC.6, HSS.ID.3

Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade - Students study a map of the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade, describe, measure and hypothesize why this route was chosen. Then they calculate how long each band will be marching and at what time they will arrive at the finish. Students even approximate the volume of two parade balloons including the Pikachu balloon, and from five year's ago, the Wizard of Oz balloon.  4.NBT, 4.MD, 5.NBT, 5.MD, 6.NS, 7.NS, 7.G, HSG.MG

Two new Macy's Thanksgiving day Parade Balloons (2021) - There will be two new balloons this year. Guess their dimensions given the relationship to humans, bicycles, taxis, and building stories. 5.MD, 6.RP, 6.SP, 7.RP, 7.G, 8.G

4th down - Should you punt kick or go for a field goal? This is two activities. One is on graph reading. This is perhaps suitable for younger students. The other activity is on data analysis and the creation of the chart shown to the right.  7.NS, 7.SP, HSS.MD  

Watson SavesBenjamin-Watson - Watch the video with your class and use our activity to motivate students to figure out who ran a greater distance by using the Pythagorean Theorem.  In the video Teddy Bruschi says that Watson must have ran about 120 yards, maybe even more. Use the video and/or our activity to see if Teddy’s estimate is about right. 8.G, G-SRT

NFL Home field advantage  Students use an infographic to compare NFL team home and away wins. Students consider the best home team, the best away team and consider if NFL teams really do seem to have a home field advantage. 6.RP, 7.SP

canstruction-ny-2010-Canstruction This is a 3-act activity about an annual display of creativity, engineering, and design as artists contribute cans of food for the shelters and food banks of their city.  Students analyze, look for patterns, discuss solutions, and finally quantify the number of cans. 4.MD, 6.EE, 5.MD, 7.G, HSF.LE, MP2, MP3, MP7


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