Patterns in the binomial expansion, Pascal

Realizing that (X+Y)n can be expanded with the help of Pascal's Triangle offers some pretty and interesting math play.  We love to bring a little fun and beauty into our math classes and the end results are neat!  Here is the first of 3 activities using Pascal's coloring.


This Binomial expansion activity could be used alone or coupled with our introductory Pascal activity.

 BinomialExpansion.pdf     Introduction&day1.pdf

CCSS:  8.EE.C.7.b, HSA.APR.C.5, MP7

If you wish to focus only on the coloring and Pascal's Triangle, you might use this Hexagonal grid paper.  Hexagon-grid.pdf

For members we have editable Word docxs and solutions.

BinomialExpansion.docx    BinomialExpansion-solution.pdf

Introduction&day1.docx    Introduction&day1-solution.pdf


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