Greetings from our future owner, Soo Yeon

Soo Yeon is a Mathematics teacher at an international school in Asia and has be an avid user of YummyMath.  Formerly she was a chemical engineer and shares our intent of providing practical, relatable, and real-world contexts in teaching mathematics.

She would like to share the following with YummyMath users:

"As you know Leslie and Brian’s hard work and vision of exploring math in real life contexts has been instrumental in helping students develop critical thinking, questioning skills, and a positive attitude towards Mathematics. I wholeheartedly share their vision and am dedicated to upholding their mission. Moving forward, YummyMath will continue to evolve, enhancing content and user experiences to better meet your needs both now and in the future. I understand the challenges teachers and parents face in balancing engaging activities with time management. To address this, I kindly request your input through a survey (HERE) to ensure that YummyMath effectively supports your needs.

Thanks so much for your support as YummyMath starts this new chapter. "

Soo Yeon


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