Giant beach towel

Beaches are starting to open again. Bring summertime smiles and hopes to your class with this activity.

Act One: Check out this beach towel!  What do you wonder? What would you like to know?


Towel project by Misael Soto.

Miami artist, Misael Soto, created this giant art project to make a statement about people sharing.

In the morning he brings sunscreen, snacks, drinks, and games to share and ... lays out his towel.

Act Two: Study these pictures to see what you can figure out.  You can click on each picture and see it larger; students can view all five pictures on this Google doc; or you can print out this handout of the task: BeachTowelActivity-guide.pdf for students to work with alone or in groups.

TowelTravelingbeach-towel-carried-on-sandsoto_beach_towel long way

Clicking on any of these pictures will show them larger in a new window.

Act Three:  The reveal

For members we have a PowerPoint presentation to help present this puzzle to your class, an editable Word docx of the activity, and teaching suggestions with solutions.
CCSS: 6.G.A, 7.G.B, 7.EE.B, MP5

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