Where should I drop my puck

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Act 1 - Give students time to view the game board above or give them our one-page activity. The above picture is larger when you click on it. Ask students for their gut reaction about which slot would give them the best chance for earning points.

Act 2

(a) Ask students to explain to each other why they feel that the slot/slots that they picked would give the highest point outcomes.

(b) Students should work within their groups to find methods to actually count the possible outcomes.

Act 3 - Students work again in their groups to do the calculations and be ready to present their findings to the class. It might be helpful to have two sets of students find the number of paths from just one of the top slots.

Extension:  Weighted averages.

The activity: Drop-the-puck.pdf     Drop-the-puck-extension.pdf


For members we have editable Word docxs and solutions.

Drop-the-puck.docx    Drop-the-puck-solution.pdf


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