Some fun summer activities

Point of view - With any set of cubes, enjoy building this creation using our two view-point pictures. How many blocks are in my stack?  What is the least number of blocks that I used?  The most number of blocks that I used?

Wrapping presents on the diagonal - For a hands on learning experiment, wrap a small box using any available paper in both the traditional and diagonal methods. Then compare the two quantities of wrapping paper used and decide which method uses less paper.

Pascal Coloring and modular math - In this activity students have the opportunity to color as they investigate Pascal's triangle and the many useful patterns that it shows. The triangle is explored for patterns, coloring results, and motivation to learn more about modular arithmetic (clock math).

Pythagorean Triples and coloring - We've combined a little coloring with our Pythagorean Triple pattern investigation to let your family relax while they color, view the beauty, and recognize the progression.

Fibonacci Coloring - We've given you colorless patterns that students can shade in their own way (for a simple coloring project) or you can use our Fibonacci Project document to allow students to create these patterns themselves.

The Forever roll - If this roll lasts for one month, how big a roll would I need to be able to last for one year?  Why did Charmin make this product?  Will it sell?
The Mythical Mathematical Mind Reader - Students can play this game online and then figure out why it works.

What's the answer? - People argued online about whether the answer was 16 or 1 and proceeded to insult each other's intelligence in doing so. Use our write-up to bring your students into the discussion and see how varied their reactions and conclusions are?  Enjoy!

... and see all of our activities on our Bird's Eye page.


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