Mystical Mathematical Mind Reader

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Last year, Adobe stopped supporting Flash.  Since then, our very popular Ghost Whisperer activity (which was created by Andy Naughton and depended on Flash) has not been functional.

Luckily, John Tranter of Transum Mathematics, has recreated a non-Flash rendition of this awesome puzzling activity.

Students can play this game online at Mystical Mind Reader.

  • Figure out why it works.
  • Construct viable arguments
  • Critique the work of others

This activity can be used with any grade level elementary through high school.  Younger students might work with patterns, multiples and order of operations. Older students might work with systems of equations to prove how the Mystical Mind Reader works.

 The original lesson was contributed by Joe Donahue who teaches at Santa Ynez School in Santa Ynez, CA and was inspired by a workshop given by Dr. Patrick Callahan.

The activity sheet: Mystical-Mathematical-Mind-Reader.pdf

For members we have an editable Word doc, solutions, and teaching suggestions:

Mystical-Mathematical-Mind-Reader.docx     Mystical-Mathematical-Mind-Reader-solution.pdf

CCSS:  4.OA.4, 5.OA.1, HSA.CED.A.2, MP1, MP3, MP4, MP7, MP8


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