Daylight Savings Time and Pi Day are coming up!

How does the start of Daylight Savings Time make you feel? - updated!

  • Will you wake up and go to sleep earlier or later on Sunday?
  • What kind of chart or picture could you draw to help you compare before and after Daylight Savings Time has begun?
  • Will your Sunday seem longer or shorter?
  • How do you expect that you will feel?


Pi Day is almost here
.  It's time to start memorizing digits, singing Pi Day songs, calculating pi, and understanding what π means.

We have 9 suggestions for ways to bring the number, π, and it's meaning into your classroom or school.

CCSS: 4.MD, 6.RP, 7.G, 7.RP, 8.G, 8.NS.1, HSG, HSF, HSA


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