How much will it cost this year to go back to school?

Back to school spending is huge and students might not appreciate what it costs to send them back to, essentially, their job of learning.  In this activity students decide what equipment and supplies are necessary, estimate how much that will all cost, confer with classmates to refine their lists, and then research to find out more accurately how much it will probably cost to send them back to school.  This activity could be used for students in upper elementary school all the way to high school.  It offers an opportunity for kids to estimate, research, reason, calculate and communicate with each other. 

The activity: BackToSchoolCosts-2021.pdf

Present minimumwage-by-state2021.pdf

CCSS: 4.OA.3, 4.NBT.3, 6.SP.3, 6.SP.5, 7.EE.3, MP5, HSF, HSA

For members we have an editable Word docx, an Excel sheet of costs, a PowerPoint of the activity, and solutions with teaching tips.

BackToSchoolCosts-2021.docx    Cost-of-Back-to-School.pptx

Back-to-school-2021.xlsx        BackToSchoolCosts-2021-solutions.pdf


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