How many scoops do I need?

Clicking on the above image will take you to Brian's movie of making Hot chocolate.

Act I - Watch the movie.  Making hot chocolate movie or by clicking on the picture above.  What do you notice and wonder?

Act II - What information would be helpful to figure out how many 1/4 teaspoons you need?  How many 1/4 teaspoons are equivalent to a whole teaspoon?  How can you visualize this?  What math models this problem?  If helpful check out this online fraction bar tool.

Act III - The reveal - Brian makes the chocolate.

Sequel - What if I only had 1/2 teaspoons?  How many 1/2 teaspoons would I need to use?   What if I only had 1/8 teaspoons?  How many 1/8 teaspoons would I use?  What pattern do you notice?

CCSS: 3.NF, 4.NF, 4.MD, MP1, MP7

For members we have our solution and suggestions for the activity.



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