Death Valley, CA – How hot was it?

Clicking on this image will show it larger in a new window.  This picture may have been Photoshopped and not be a true representation.

We blacked out the Fahrenheit reading of this temperature sign at the Death Valley Visitor Center.

  • Take a guess at what the Fahrenheit reading on this sign must have been.
  • How did you make that guess?
  • Use the Fahrenheit conversion formula to calculate the missing number.     (C° * 1.8) + 32 = F°

CCSS: 6.EE, 6.RP, 7.EE, 8.EE, HSA, HSN.Q, MP4

Extra practice:  Use the conversion formula to calculate these important temperatures.


For members we have an answer key and the original picture.

DeathValleyTemperature-solution.pdf     Original photo


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