Which gasoline is the cheapest?

Euros per liter in Crete, Greece

Dollars per gallon in Framingham, MA

When Brian traveled to Crete last summer with his wife and son on an Archaeological dig, buying gasoline for his small rental car got him wondering again.

He was pretty good at understanding the value of Euros by changing prices into dollars but figuring out the cost of gasoline in Euros per liter versus dollars per gallon was confounding him.

  • Should he figure out how many gallons of gas he could get for one Euro?
  • Or how many liters of gasoline he could get for one dollar?
  • Is gas, and therefore, driving more expensive in Greece?
  • Can you figure it out?

The activity: Gas_in_Greece

CCSS: 6.RP.3, 7.RP.1, 7.RP.3

For members we have an editable docx and solutions.

Gas-in-Greece.docx      Gas-in-Greece-solution.pdf


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