Fish tale, go figure!

I have two fish in my aquarium.  Betty is my white goldfish. She often stays really close to the front wall as she swims towards her food. Stripe, my clownfish, usually swims diagonally across the tank to the back top right to retrieve his sprinkle of food.

How much of a longer trip does Stripe usually take?  What information do you need to find out?

Check out this blogpost write-up of this activity by Martin Joyce, a math teacher and blogger.

Extension: Once you figure out their two distances, think about how much faster Stripe had to swim in order to get to the food at the same time?

The Activity: fish-tales.pdf

For members we have editable Word docs and solutions.

fish-tales.docx    fish-tale-solutions.pdf

CCSS:  8.G.7, 8.G.A.4, HSG.SRT.C.8


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