Electoral College vs. the popular vote

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Let your students see how votes really count with our activity on the Electoral College.  Can someone win the popular vote in the Presidential election and still not become President of the United States?

Students can first watch a really cute movie comparing how the Electoral College functions in our elections to what students think is fair and just, from the New York Times, Electoral College 101.

You might also find it useful to play around with this interactive Electoral College Simulator.  It can help kids see just how important winning some key swings states can be.

Our Electoral College math activity (really good for social studies too) ... + a great cartogram showing the relative voting size of each state.

The Activity: Electoral-college2020.pdf     2020Cartogram-for-keeping-track.pdf

CCSS: 6.EE, 7.RP.A, 8.EE, HSG.MG.A, MP4

For members we have an editable Word docx, our Excel figuring and solutions.

      Electoral-college2020.docx    StatesElectoralVote-leaning.xlsx    ElectoralCollege2020-solutions.pdf


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