12/16/20 – Pythagorean Triples

This would be a good date to play with Pythagorean Triples.

Pythagorean Triples and coloring - Pythagorean triples are not only handy for students to recognize but produce some interesting and lovely patterns.  We've combined a little coloring with our Pythagorean Triple pattern investigation to let your students relax while they color, view the beauty, and recognize the progression. 8.G.B, 7.G.B, HSG, 8.SP.A, HSS,HSA.APR.C.4

Spiraling Triples - Let students explore the patterns of perfect squares and Pythagorean Triples as they analyze our piece of art and decide why the resulting construction looks like spiraling squares. For a finale they color their own spiraling triple. 7.G, 7.EE.B, 8.G.B, 8.EE, HSF.BF, HSG, HSG.SRT.C, HSA.APR.C

Can you show that the Pythagorean Theorem works? - Use this activity to help your students work through the meaning of the Pythagorean theorem.  In this activity students work with a visual representation of the Pythagorean theorem in order to gain a true conceptual understanding. 6.G, 7.G, 8.G.6

Wheel of Theordorus - Bring a little more art into your math class as you begin to use the Pythagorean theorem and your students first meet irrational numbers. 8.EE.2, 8.NS.1, 8.NS.2, 8.G.7, HSN.RN.B.3, HSA.REI.B.4, MP5

Looking for patterns to predict Pythagorean Triples - Just a little bit of drill and skill work online.


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