Three wrapping presents activities

Wrapping presents on the diagonal - Students work with surface area, efficiency decisions, Pythagorean theorem.  Great movie included about Dr. Sara Santos method of wrapping presents.  Older students can use algebra to calculate why this works.

Younger students can wrap a small rectangular prism two ways, on the diagonal and traditionally, and decide which uses less wrapping paper. 7.G.6, 8.G.7, HSG.SRT.C.8, HSG.MG.A.3, MP3, MP4

Do I have enough wrapping paper?  In this 3-act task, students decide, by comparison with an iPhone, what the size of this box might be and whether one sheet of tissue paper will do the job.   6.G.1, 6.G.4, 7.G.6, HSG.MG.A.3, MP5

Is one roll enough? Students judge the relative sizes of these boxes as they try to estimate how much wrapping paper will be needed. 6.G.A, 6.EE, 7.G, 7.NS, 7.RP, 7.EE, MP1, MP3, MP4




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