How much should the 40-oz size cost?

We found this chalkboard menu at a coffee shop recently. The shop had prices for the 12-oz (small), 16-oz (medium) and 20-ounce (large) cappuccinos.  And they will also make you 40-ounce cappuccino but they haven't listed the price.

A 40-oz cup of coffee is pretty huge.  What do you think that the price should be?

In this task, students have the opportunity to discover and define a linear relationship.

The activity: Cappuccino.pdf

CCSS: 7.RP, 8.EE.B, 8.F.B, HSF

For members we have the activity that can be shown as a PowerPoint presentation.


We also have an editable Word docx and solutions.

Cappuccino.docx    Cappuccino-solution.pdf


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