Bears Ears revisited

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There is some beautiful land in Utah that was changed last year from federally protected land to Utah overseen land.  The buttes of Bears Ears (shown above) and the surrounding territory contain over 100,000 archaeological sites and are sacred land to many American Tribes.

Ed Robinson, the Utah state director of the Bureau of Land Management, says that these changes will allow for off-road vehicles, hunting, shooting, fishing and other recreational uses.

Do you think that recreation was the point of this change?  Was this sacred land needed to allow for population expansion, recreation, or what?  Let your students examine the data and make their own conclusions.

Warning: This discussion could get politically active.

Below is our slide show of some of the beauty and ancient ruins of the original Bears Ears Monument. (Best viewed full screen.)

The activity:  BearsEarsNationalMonument.pdf


For members we have an editable Word docx and solutions.

BearsEarsNationalMonument.docx     BearsEarsNationalMonument-solution.pdf


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