Fibonacci coloring

Let your students simply enjoy coloring our designs or artistically play with the whole creation of Φ designs.

Fibonacci latticeFibonacci lattice

GoldenSpiral-colorGolden spiral

Pentagram-colorPentagram and Golden triangles

Simply coloring our Fibonacci patterns might allow students to ponder the Fibonacci sequence (while they learn more about its beauty) and just relax while creating a pretty image.

We've given you colorless patterns that students can shade in their own way (for a simple coloring project) or you can use our Fibonacci Project document to allow students to create these patterns themselves.


Clicking on any of these images will take you to pdf drawings of the grids that you can print and color.

Here's a little background on Fibonacci numbers and how they relate to these designs:  Fibonacci-Numbers.pdf

Student samples HERE.


For members we have editable Word drawings of our patterns and a terrific poject idea that lets students create their own designs.

FibonacciGrid.docx    GoldenSpiral.docx    GoldenPentagram.docx

New - Golden-ratio-understanding-and-project.pdf   ♥ ♥ ♥


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