Valentine’s Day activities

3-d-heart-cakeChocolate-raspberry heart-shaped cake - Students build a heart cake and use ratio information to find the quantities of cake and icing resulting from increased dimensions.

A parametric heart ... with loveExcelParametricHeart - Students use unit triangles and manually calculate sine and cosine of π/2, π, 3π/2, and 2π as they try to graph this great-looking, curvy heart using parametric equations.  We also have them create it using Excel, on a graphing calculator and with online graphing tools.

Which Sweet Heart candies are the best deal? - Students decide which quantity of Sweet Heart candies is the best deal.  Ratio tables, unit ratios, devising convincing arguments.

WeLoveMath-heartSweetheart Candies - unit rate and ratio activity using those little candy hearts.

Where have all the flowers ... come from?where-are-flowers-from - Analyze a pictograph to see what can be deduced.  Cost of flowers in different countries, source of flowers, how many hours you must work to earn a rose ...

cardioidValentine Cardioid - Four ways to construct cardiodes for Valentine's Day.

How did I graph this heart? - What equations helped me draw this Valentine's heart? 8.EE, 8.F, HSA, HSG

Holiday Candy Sales - Translate a pie chart of data to actual dollars spent on Valentine's Day candy, Halloween, Christmas, Easter, and Hanukah.

Chocolateschocolate_heart - Students estimate volume of various candies by approximating surface area.

cans-heart2Have a heart - Estimate the quantity of kidney bean cans needed to build this giant heart.  Volume, analysis, collaboration, estimation ...



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