Super Bowl cheesy pretzel poppers

Recipe courtesy of The Slow Roasted Italian

... A little more delicious work for the Super Bowl.  Students follow a recipe that involves "cutting the cheese" block, figuring how many servings, estimating how many times they need to multiply the recipe by to make enough pretzel bites, and multiplying and reducing fractions.

The activity:  SuperBowlCheesyPretzelPoppers.pdf

For members we have an editable Word docx and solutions.

SuperBowlCheesyPretzelPoppers.docx     SB-pretzel-poppers-solution.pdf

CCSS: 5.NF.3, 5.NF.6, 5.NF.7, 6.NS, 6.RP.1, 6.RP.2, 6.RP.3, 7.G, 7.NS


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