Saving Water Bottles

In my grocery store they now have these new water bottle refilling stations. You can simply refill your own container with water instead of buying a six-pack of bottled water. Do you think that this is a good idea?  Are they just giving away water?  Is it the same quality of water as bottled water? What if you didn't bring a bottle or cup? Or if they provide cups, what about the cost of a cup. How many water bottles are they really saving?

This activity attempts to trace the pace of this plastic bottle saving device.  How effective is it and is it worth the trouble?  This is a great task for graphing, fitting lines and solving equations, all in an in important context.

The activity: WaterBottles.pdf

For members we have an editable Word docx, and Excel file of computations and graphs, and solutions with added information.

WaterBottles.docx     ReusingWaterBottles.xlsx    WaterBottles-solutions.pdf

CCSS: 8.F.4, 8.SP2, 8.SP.3, HSF.LE.A.2, HSS.ID.B.6, HSS.ID.C.7




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