Pascal coloring and modular math

Pascal'sImagesThis is the third and final activity in the Pascal's Triangle series.  In this activity students again have the opportunity to color as they investigate Pascal's triangle and the patterns that it shows.  The activity might be used first in class and then that evening for homework.  Pascal's Triangle is explored for patterns, coloring, and motivation to learn about modular arithmetic or clock math.

Introduction&day1.pdf         ModularArithmetic&day2.pdf      Hexagon-grid.pdf

CCSS: 3.OA, 4.OA, 5.OA, MP3, MP8

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ModularArithmetic&day2.docx    ModularArithmetic&day2-solution.pdf

First two Pascal's Triangle activities:

Pascal's Triangle and Probability - When there are too many combinations of possible outcomes, Pascal's triangle can help students figure out the probability of each outcome.

Pascal's Triangle and the Binomial Expansion - (X + 4)8 is hard to simplify ... unless you know how to use Pascal's Triangle to shorten your work.


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