Measuring sea level

What does this gizmo do?

We've given students a diagram of what the interior of this mechanism contains and asked them to try to decide what its purpose must be.

Then we've given them the data that was collected from this place and others globally and asked what they can conclude.

A little mechanical and mathematical investigation + global awareness.

The activity: GlobalSeaLevels.pdf

CCSS: 6.RP.3, 7.RP.1, 8.EE.B.5, 8.F.B.4, HSS.ID.C.7, HSF.IF.B.6, MP8

For members we have an editable Word docx, an Excel chart of our data, and solutions.

GlobalSeaLevels.docx    HistoricalAverageGlobalSeaLevel.xlsx    GlobalSeaLevels-solutions.pdf

Nature Magazine reported on April 28, 2017 on the latest Arctic ice reports predicting much greater sea level rise than predicted.



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