Will college be affordable?


Widener Library, Harvard

Whether you or one of your siblings is going off to college next fall, it is useful to know how much colleges cost.  Not going to college this fall? No worries, we can use the information on college costs in the activity to predict the cost of college in the future. After completing this activity you will have a better idea of how much four years of college could cost you!

You might also use this interactive graph/slider from Desmos that gives the average cost of college tuition since 1978.  Also check out this interactive graph/slider that gives the average cost of room and board since 1978.  Use these graphs and the sliders to determine future college costs.  

Student Activity Handout: HowMuchWillCollegeCost.pdf

For members we have an editable Word doc, an Excel sheet showing graphs and calculations, a labeled but blank graph for your students to use, and solutions.

HowMuchWillCollegeCost.docx        college-affordable2016.xls     BlankGraph.pdf


CCSS:  7.RP.3, 8.SP.1, 8.SP.3, HSS.ID.B.6

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