Pascal’s Triangle coloring and Probability

Working with Pascal's Triangle offers some interesting and varied mathematics.  We love to color and the end results are prettier than most math homeworks.  Here is the second of 3 activities using Pascal's coloring.


Pascal's Triangle and Probability - This activity could be used to explore the probability of coin tossing results.  When the combinations get too complicated to list, students can use the numbers in Pascal's Triangle.

Introduction&day1.pdf         Probability&Pascal.pdf


If you wish to focus only on the coloring and Pascal's Triangle, you might use this Hexagonal grid paper.  Hexagon-grid.pdf

For members we have editable documents and solutions.

Introduction&day1.docx  Introduction&day1-solution.pdf

Probability&Pascal.docx    ProbabilityPascal-solution.pdf

For another application of Pascal's Triangle see our previously post on Pascal's Triangle and the Binomial Expansion.


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