Figuring planting dates


It's time to get ready to plant my garden again.  But here in Boston we have to start our seeds indoors to give them a head start before we can put plants outside. How should I figure out when to plant my vegetable and flower seeds indoors so that those little plants will be ready to go outside after the frost-free date?

The seed package tells me how many weeks early to plant seeds indoors and how long the seeds will take to sprout but this sure seems like a lot of counting backwards to figure out when I should plant my seeds here in Boston.

This activity introduces students to the use of the computational power of a spreadsheets to easily count the time between two dates.

The activity and some sample seed packets.

How-many-days-till.pdf     SampleSeedPackets.pdf

For members we have an editable Word docx, an Excel sheet with computations, and solutions.

How-many-days-till.docx    Days-till.xlsx     How-many-days-till-solution.pdf



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