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Mark Zuckerberg during Tuesday's Q&A

Facebook is so accepted in our world today that it is even part of nightly news broadcasts as people are noted for receiving huge numbers of likes in appreciation or interest. Mark Zuckerberg, the founder and CEO of Facebook, is also a part of our world interest today.  The latest on him was his Tuesday online Q & A sessions.

We wondered how the growth of Facebook has changed since its inception in 2003.  Is the phenomena still growing by leaps and bounds?

In this activity students analyze and graph the numbers and decide if FB's growth has been linear, exponential, meteoric, or something else?  Will the number of Facebook users continue to grow or will it soon be in decline?  Let your student analyze the numbers, pick a side and duke it out with math.

The Activity: AnnualFacebookGrowth.pdf

For members we have solutions and an Excel file with the data and graph.

  AnnualFacebookGrowth.docx   FacebookData.xlsx   AnnualFacebookGrowth-solutions.pdf

CCSS: 7.RP.3, 8.F.4, 8.SP.1, F-LE, F-IF.6, HSS.ID.B.6


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