Earthquake magnitudes, Nepal


Iris Seismic Monitor will allow your class to see the most recent image of Earthquake activity.

Nepal has just experienced several tremendous earthquakes and aftershocks causing massive damage and loss of life.

The IRIS (Incorporated Research Institute of Seismology) Seismic Monitor will allow your class to visualize the most recent quakes and their magnitudes in this region.

Our updated Richter scale activity will allow your students to get an appreciation of the logarithmic Richter magnitudes.  Discuss linear versus exponential growth and if students are ready, get into logs, either base ten or e.  You might also use our graph of Richter magnitudes at


CCSS: 8.F.4, 8.F.5, HSF.LE.A.1, HSF.LE.A.2, HSF.LE.A.4HSF.LE.B.5

For members we have an editable Word docx and solutions.

earthquake-richter-scaleApril2015.docx      earthquake-richter-scaleApril2015-solution.pdf


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