Ebola updated

EbolaMap-by-Mikael Häggström

Ebola has continued to gain strength and devastate regions of West Africa.  WHO (World Health Organization) updates their data frequently and the progress and lack of control of the epidemic is very concerning.

We've gathered the present numbers again for you and your class to study, analyze, and look for trends, hope, suggestions, and conclusions.

Spread-of-Ebola-updated.pdf       Ebola-student.xlsx

For members we have a teachers Excel sheet with graphs, an editable Word docx, and some observations and solutions.

Spread-of-Ebola-updated.docx    Ebola-teacher.xlsx    Spread-Ebola-updated-solution.pdf

CCSS:   8.F.A.2, 8.F.B.4, HSF.IF.B.6, HSF.IF.C.8.b, HSF.LE,A.1,b, HSS.ID,C.7, HSM


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