Summertime announcements

Hello Yummymath members and visitors.

We have some modifications that are coming soon.

  1. We'll be changing our look so that you can get a glimpse of more current activities on our home page.  We're hoping for a magazine or newspaper look.
  2. All of our activities will continue to be free.  Membership is required to gain access to extras like word docs, spreadsheets and solutions/teaching tips.  Memberships is our only means of funding.  If you are a user of the site we hope that you will support us by becoming a member. Starting in August, we will be slightly raising our membership fees for the site from $15 to $16, per year, which breaks down to only $1.33 per month.
  3. We offer discounted prices for departments and schools.  If you are considering membership, you might consider signing up your entire math department with a district purchase order.  If you are a current member or sign up as an individual and then get your whole department to use our district pricing (5 or more members), we'll be glad to refund your individual membership fee.

We'll be publishing activities with less frequency during the summer and will resume our normal operations in late August.  Remember, you can find 150 real life math activities at our Bird's Eye View Page.

Enjoy the break,  🙂

Brian and Leslie

2 comments for “Summertime announcements

  1. Suzanne Wahler
    July 22, 2013 at 9:09 am

    I, too, was concerned about the Pay Pal cancellation note. Thanks for the explanation. I’m new to Yummy Math, but what I see so far, I really like. With new common core emphasis on “real world” math, it seems like you are all about that, and way ahead of the curve! I’ve spent a good amount of time this summer getting to know this site and have activities already “bookmarked” so I can use them as the curriculum comes. Thanks for this site. I think I’ll really like it – and the kids will, too! sue wahler

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