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We can't get enough NFL.  Check out the video above that revisits a truly great NFL playoff play. In the 2005 AFC divisional championship game between the New England Patriots and the Denver Broncos, Benjamin Watson stopped a touchdown in the last instant.

Watch the video with your class and use our activity to motivate students to figure out who ran a greater distance by using the Pythagorean Theorem.  

In the video Teddy Bruschi says that Watson must have ran about 120 yards, maybe even more.  Use the video and/or our activity to see if Teddy's estimate is about right.

What other questions might your student wonder after watching the activity?  How fast was each player running?  How much faster does Champ need to run to have made it to the end zone?

The Activity Handout: watson-saves.pdf

For members we have an editable Word doc and solutions.

watson-saves.doc            watson-saves-solution.pdf

CCSS: 8.G.7, G-SRT.8

Special thanks to Lenny Monson, Math Teacher in Newton MA for the original idea for this activity!

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