Humongous vegetables of Alaska

This summer I visited Alaska and truly enjoyed the majesty of the Alaskan scenerey and the many accomplished people that I met.

At the time that I was there, the newspaper's front page was filled with pictures of huge vegetables that were exibited at the annual State Fair.  Evidently, even though the growing season in Alaska is short, farmers are able to grow 75 pound cabbages, 100 pound kales, and 1,000 pound pumpkins.  How do they do that?


For members we have an editable Word doc and solutions.

AlaskaVegetables.doc         AlaskaVegetables-solutions.pdf

CCSS: 4.OA, 5.NBT, 6.SP, 7.SP

If you would like to see photos from my trip, watch the slide show below.


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