How many movies can you see in one day?

Robert Kaplinsky at shared this lesson idea with Yummymath.

With plenty of days off from school coming up you plan to spend a day at the movie theater.  You want to see as many movies as possible.

Create a schedule that shows the most movies you could see in one day.

In Robert's activity, students are asked to analyze a situation, consider contributing factors, and present a logical solution.  There will be many correct "answers" to this exercise.  The goal of the activity is more about engaging students in problem solving (CCSS.Math.Practice.MP3 - Construct viable arguments and critique the reasoning of others) than on finding the most tightly arranged schedule.

Teacher-notes-Kaplinsky.pdf       Student-activity-Option-1.pdf       Student-activity-Option-2.pdf

CCSS:  MP-3 , 3.MD.1 , 4.MD.2


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