Free Resources for Authentic Mathematics

On Thursday evening Leslie and Brian spoke at Boston College as part of the ATMIM (Association of Teachers of Mathematics in Massachusetts) Winter Conference.  Our presentation was on making mathematics meaningful to students.  We shared, did and discussed math activities from our site with our participants.  We also mentioned other web resources that provide free math activities that are meaningful to students and wish to mention them here as well.

  1. Dan Meyer: Patient Problem Solving and hooking students into learning math through the use of video. On the right-hand column of his blog, Dan has a section called "My Curricula" which contains some wonderful activities. Dan's philosophy is presented in this TED presentation.
  2. Emergent Math: Inquiry based activities.

The following are some sites where we find tons of useful data that you can use in your own creations.

Do you have a site that you would like to suggest that has free authentic math problems or activities?  Or do you have a site that offers loads of good stats?  If so, please leave your suggestion in the comments of this post!  🙂


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