Launch of the next ISS crew

If all goes well, the next crew of the International Space Station (the ISS) will launch on Sunday, Novemeber 13, 2011 from the  Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan.

Keep your student informed and excited about what is happening above our planet by letting them calculate the roominess of the Soyuz transport as compared to our retired Shuttles.  Students analyze the costs and capacities of the two vehicles (Shuttle and Soyuz) and come to some conclusions, as our space agency did, about the kind of vehicle that gives the most benefit for the buck.


Solutions, editable Word doc and observations for members.

November-13th-launch-new-crew.doc     new-crew-launch-solutions.pdf

CCSS: 4.MD, 5.MD.3, 6.RP.3


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