Opening weekend

Avengers2 copyCan you tell from its opening weekend how much Avengers: Age of Ultron will do in the long run? How much will it make in theaters?  

Growth of Facebook update


Mark Zuckerberg during Tuesday's Q&A

Facebook is so accepted in our world today that it is even part of nightly news broadcasts as people are noted for receiving huge numbers of likes in appreciation or interest. Mark Zuckerberg, the founder and CEO of Facebook, is also a part of our world interest today.  The latest on him was his Tuesday online Q & A sessions.

We wondered how the growth of Facebook has changed since its inception in 2003.  Is the phenomena still growing by leaps and bounds?

In this activity students analyze and graph the numbers and decide if FB's growth has been linear, exponential, meteoric, or something else?  Will the number of Facebook users continue to grow or will it soon be in decline?  Let your student analyze the numbers, pick a side and duke it out with math.

Earthquake magnitudes, Nepal


Iris Seismic Monitor will allow your class to see the most recent image of Earthquake activity.

Nepal has just experienced several tremendous earthquakes and aftershocks causing massive damage and loss of life.

The IRIS (Incorporated Research Institute of Seismology) Seismic Monitor will allow your class to visualize the most recent quakes and their magnitudes in this region.

Our updated Richter scale activity will allow your students to get an appreciation of the logarithmic Richter magnitudes.  

California water measurements – chains, links, and furlongs


Gunter's chain

Help your students understand what they are reading or hearing about the California drought.  Terms like acre-feet, chains, and furlongs are often used to describe the volume of the reservoirs.  Give your class a little practice and appreciation of the measurements while they learn a little about the immensity of the situation.

NFL draft picks

NFL-DraftEvery spring, roughly 250 college football players are drafted by NFL teams through the NFL draft.  Team rosters, careers, and multi-million dollar contracts are on the line ...  This is one of the biggest days of a football players life.  Should a football player be overly concerned with where they are drafted?  How much does where they are drafted effect their earnings?  How does draft pick selection relate to player contracts?  Check out the graph below: Draft-pic-num-vs-compensation.png

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