How many wins is Lebron worth?


Lebron recently left the Miami Heat to go back home to the Cleveland Cavaliers where he began his professional career.  Lebron is arguably the best player in the NBA and a tremendous addition to a team … a real difference maker.  In this activity students read graphs and use measures of central tendency as they compare the records of the Miami Heat and Cleveland Cavilers with and without Lebron.  How many wins per season can we expect from the Cavilers now that they have Lebron back and just how many wins is Lebron worth?

Cheesy Goldfish crackers

In this activity students do a little comparison shopping as they determine which size Goldfish product is the best deal.  Students are introduced to the ratio table as a tool for determining equivalent ratios and comparing different rates.  Students graph cost per ounce relationships and answer a few open questions, which should lead to some good thinking and discourse in this authentic math activity.

Typhoon Neoguri approaching Japan



A powerful typhoon has just passed Okinawa, Japan’s southern-most prefecture, and is expected to continue to be very powerful.  What is a typhoon?  How are they scaled?

In this activity students become aware of various storm rankings and severity as they practice changing knots to km/hr or mph and try to gauge the power of this typhoon.

Students can also practice number line graphing skills with  Typhoon-number-line.pdf

Student Handout: Super-Typhoon-Neoguri.pdf

Pizza Deals

Check out the new Flatizza from Subway.


If the slice of pizza is from an 18-inch pizza cut into eight pieces, which deal is better when comparing area of pizza and cost?  How does the area of a square pizza compare to the area of a circular pizza?

July 4th and fireworks … on your calculator

Let your students experiment with their graphing calculators to create a nice 4th of July display?  We’ve written a brief activity that leads students with questions to manipulate parabolas, to adjust their calculator windows, and to help celebrate the Fourth. Or consider using Desmos or Geogebra to create these fireworks. Enjoy!